Debtwire Investigations is a new editorial initiative brought to you by a hand-picked group of some of our best and brightest investigative journalists. A rotating team of five beat reporters have taken countless hours away from their already expert coverage to go far beyond specific credits and market segments to focus on long-form pieces, deep data dives, and impactful investigative analysis.

The team

Alex Plough

Alex Plough is a financial journalist at Debtwire North America, where he covers the leveraged loan and high yield bond markets. He has a background in data-driven, investigative journalism and has reported on finance, business, human rights and environmental issues. He is an alumnus of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism where he was a Lorana Sullivan Memorial Fellow.

Bill Weisbrod

Bill Weisbrod is a reporter with Debtwire Middle Market. He lives in Queens, New York.

Kyle Younker

Kyle Younker is a Senior Reporter at Debtwire. He lives in New Jersey.

Alexander Gladstone

Alexander Gladstone is an investigative financial journalist for Debtwire North America, focusing on large-cap distressed and restructuring situations in the energy, aerospace, and industrial sectors. Prior to joining Debtwire, Alex spent several years as a foreign correspondent in Shanghai, China, where he wrote for publications including the Financial Times, CNN, China Economic Review, Shanghai Daily, and China Daily. A native of Massachusetts, Alex has a B.A. in political science and international studies from Kenyon College, OH.

Pablo Dominguez

Pablo Dominguez is a reporter at Debtwire Latin America, responsible for the coverage of high yield issuers and distressed situations in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Before joining Debtwire, he worked for more than five years for Dow Jones Newswires as a corporate news reporter in Madrid (Spain), and prior to that for Spanish news agency EFE in Madrid and London. Pablo holds a master’s degree in Journalism from Universidad Complutense (Spain), a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Universidad Carlos III (Spain), a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Universidad Carlos III and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Universidad Complutense.