by Alex Plough The offshore drilling platform built for Gulf Oil in the late 1970s was one of the biggest to leave the shipyards of renowned Texas engineering firm Brown & Root. The structure rose four deck levels high, featured

Lourenco Goncalves was leafing through the pages of the Wall Street Journal one morning in early 2014 when he read that activist hedge fund Casablanca Capital was agitating for management and board changes at Cliffs Natural Resources, one of the

Lynn Tilton seems to love the limelight – when it focuses on promoting a narrative about her ability to use distressed debt investing and corporate restructuring to create billions in revenue and hundreds of thousands of jobs. But turning the spotlight

by Ryan Bolger and Seth Brumby. Additional reporting by Alex Plough. The municipal bond market finances American civilization. From court houses to school houses, city pipes to street lights, if it’s for the public good, a municipal bond will

If you have ever ridden in a taxi in New York, Chicago, or Boston, chances are that your cab’s government permit was financed by a company called Medallion Financial. While the taxicab medallion financing kingpin was flush with cash