Lynn Tilton seems to love the limelight – when it focuses on promoting a narrative about her ability to use distressed debt investing and corporate restructuring to create billions in revenue and hundreds of thousands of jobs. But turning the spotlight

by Ryan Bolger and Seth Brumby. Additional reporting by Alex Plough. The municipal bond market finances American civilization. From court houses to school houses, city pipes to street lights, if it’s for the public good, a municipal bond will

If you have ever ridden in a taxi in New York, Chicago, or Boston, chances are that your cab’s government permit was financed by a company called Medallion Financial. While the taxicab medallion financing kingpin was flush with cash

Much ink has been spilled this campaign season about the influence of Wall Street on both major party U.S. presidential candidates. The truth behind the headlines, however, is that the top executives in at least one powerful asset class

Just five months ago, Fieldwood Energy investors agreed on a comprehensive recapitalization deal that helped preserve the company’s dwindling liquidity position. Fieldwood’s second lien holders provided new money and took part in a debt exchange that was designed